China Association of Fluorine and Siiicone lndustry

Cao Xianjun went to Suichuan County, Jiangxi Province to investigate the silicon-based industry

China Fluorosilicone Organic Materials Industry Association actively responded to the Ministry of Civil Affairs' call for social organizations to help alleviate poverty, and went to Suichuan County, Jiangxi Province (a designated poverty alleviation county under the Ministry of Civil Affairs) to investigate the silicon-based industry and direct the development of the silicon-based industry in Suichuan.

On July 2, 2020, under the communication and coordination of the cadre appointed by the Ministry of Civil Affairs, Deputy Secretary of the Suichuan County Committee and Deputy County Chief Yang Bin, Cao Xianjun, the chairman of the China Fluorine Silicon Organic Materials Industry Association, went to Suichuan County to investigate the silicon-based industry. Ke Baiyun, deputy secretary, and Liang Fuming, deputy county magistrate of the county government, accompanied the inspection. Relevant responsible comrades of the county party committee office, county business bureau, and industrial park management committee participated in related activities.

Chairman Cao Xianjun inspected the silicon-based materials industry enterprises in Suachuan County, Fassa Industries, Yushun New Materials, Jianji Mining, went deep into the factory, walked into the workshop, and chatted with the person in charge of the enterprise to understand the production, sales and encountered Development problems.After the inspection, Chairman Cao Xianjun took part in the "Suichuan County Silicon-based Material Industry Chain Special Investigation Conference", and listened to the report from the responsible comrades of the County Commerce Bureau and the heads of silicon-based materials-related enterprises, giving problems to the production development of the enterprise. Answer one by one, and point out the direction of development for the silicon-based materials industry in Suichuan County.